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Brendan McMahon's New Single 'I AM'

When you listen to Brendan McMahon’s music you gain a strong sense of the man behind the songs. An inveterate traveller and astute observer, possessed of an enquiring and open mind - these are just some of his personality traits that shine through.

A talented musician and songwriter with over 20 years’ experience, McMahon is not afraid to defy expectation – his music is eclectic, adventurous and blessed with a ‘limitless fluidity’. Having visited over 50 unique and varied countries over the last decade, McMahon’s travel experiences; specifically his observations of history, cultures, people, architecture and nature are at the root of his creativity and songwriting. These themes feature prominently throughout his upcoming LP ‘In The Moment’, due for release in late 2019.

‘I Am’, the first single from ‘In The Moment’ serves as a fitting introduction if you haven’t come across Brendan McMahon previously. This alternative country rock track (out May 28) was ignited from a childhood memory of a failed attempt to run away from the safety and warmth of his childhood home – complete with Huckleberry Finn style pack on a stick - “on my way to a brand new life, nothing to hold me, I just might take a chance” – the adventure might have been thwarted by the cold, dark, windy, rainy night beyond his bedroom window but the urge to travel and explore had been well and truly lit. Hit below to check out the video for I AM, or access it here:

I Am will be released May 28, 2019 on all major platforms

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